Promoting sustainable development, greater economic and social equity and justice by promoting mutual understanding through dialogue and shared experiences among various sections of the society and to reflect social issues and people’s concerns in the marginalized segments of society.


Creating an enabling environment for participatory governance and sustainable collective action through advocacy at the grassroots level in the community, community organization and animation of the marginalized sections of society for their capacity development



Train people at grassroots levels and empower them to contribute in peace-building and to help others struggling to co-exist peacefully

Promoting the availability and sharing of information in order to widen the knowledge base, promote social enterprise and disseminate the best practices within communities.

To build capacity of people to respond to adverse circumstances by networking with other organizations, institutions and movements

Our Outreach

Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, Badin, Peshawar, Badin, Nowshera, Rahim Yar Khan & Bahawalpur.

Other Areas

Currently, we are also working in various districts of Punjab through our partner organizations.

FACES Pakistan – Formation, Awareness, and Community Empowerment Society – is a non-profit organization which, since its inception, has been striving for the emancipation and empowerment of the underprivileged groups in the society along with advocating the rights of marginalized communities. Besides, we aim at facilitating collective action for sustainable development to achieve the broader aims of peace, harmony, social justice and gender equality. Through capacity building of underrepresented sections of society, we provide them a platform to express their ideas particularly in multi-religious communities and help them embrace cultural and religious differences through interreligious and cross-cultural dialogue.

FACES Pakistan believes in disseminating knowledge, building peace and fostering co-existence. We collaborate with private institutions, civil society organizations and government bodies and strive to bridge the gaps between different strata of society along with broadening our outreach. The projects of FACES Pakistan are designed considering the various socioeconomic needs of children, youth and women in different areas across Pakistan and we ensure maximum participation of community members in the process of creating sustainable development. Moreover, our initiatives are inspired by the underlying themes of peace building and poverty reduction and therefore aid in the uplift of disaster struck areas. Through advocacy and organizing various activities including conferences and workshops, the plight of marginalized individuals is brought to attention and addressed effectively.