In 2022, Pakistan is faced one of the worst environmental disasters in the world. One-third of the country was under water. Over 1,325 people died and 33 million were impacted. Statistics show that over 1,600 have been injured, 325,000 homes destroyed, 735,000 livestock lost and 2 million acres of crops damaged. In order to provide timely and adequate relief to the flood victims, FACES started its activities effective immediately. First, we conducted Emergency Surveys and Area Profiling of these Flood Affected Areas: Baluchistan province: Pishin area- Karbala, KPK province: District Nowshera- Tehsil, Mohaib Banda, and Punjab Province (South): District DG Khan- Tehsil Littra, and Tonsa, Sindh province: District Sanghar-Tehsil UC Sinjhoro.

Need based assessment surveys were conducted by the managers and rest of the team of FACES that collected on ground data about families. Information based on their immediate and long-term needs was gathered to have a detailed insight on how to design and proceed with our relief activities in an effective manner. Common relief packages based on data driven from need assessment surveys were designed, and disseminated, details of which are found in the following documents:

Situation Reports