Report on Health and Adult Literacy

Area Name: Manzoor Park

Session Time: 2 hours

Weekly session: 4 days

Monthly session: 16 days

Session on Health

Health is the factor that helps a person correctly perform his daily life tasks.

A healthy person is a person who can serve himself, his nation, and his community.

Session on Adult Literacy

For that uneducated woman who never went to school, for them we started adult literacy Classes to read and write because education is the basic right of everyone, these classes bring self Confidence to women so that they can also get an education at this age.

Area Name: Itfaq Town

Session Time: 2 hours

Weekly session: 2 days

Monthly session: 8 days

Session on Health

A session on health is conducted in itfaq town. That a person can only spend a good Life when he has good health. That's why taking care of health is so necessary. Eating fresh and nutritious food makes health better.

Session on Adult Literacy

Starting adult education classes aims to create awareness among women who cannot get an education. And through adult education classes they can study. Education is very important for a woman who has children. He must be educated.

To live a better and prosperous life is a basic right of a human. And everyone tries for a better livelihood source. So by success in their life, they can change theirs fulfills their wishes and needs.

Positive Change in Community

Through sessions in the community to help people, so they can live their life in a better way. Women adopted positivity so they can clean to ourselves and eat hygienic and healthy food, through these classes; they all can read and write Urdu. Now they can write their name and can talk confidently.

Area Name: China Scheme

Session Time: 2 hour

Weekly Session: 2 days

Monthly Session: 8 days

Session on Health

Health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being. For a healthy life, cycle a person needs to have a balanced diet and has to regular exercise one must also live in a proper shelter, take enough sleep, and have good hygiene habits.

Session on Adult Literacy

In adult education class, women are covered in 4 subjects which are Urdu, English, Math and General knowledge. Included in the class are women who are taught to read as well as write. And they are also taking note what positive changes in women’s and how much they are learning.