Our Policy Work

FACES as an advocate of the rights of marginalized communities and of interreligious and cross-cultural dialogue in Pakistan has an important role to play in terms of policy and influence. To achieve this goal, we have created connections between our provincial managers and decision-makers, so our research can help the decision-makers in Pakistan’s local and federal governments make informed decisions. We believe we have a responsibility towards the people of Pakistan to support their empowerment and promote peace and harmony among communities.

Here are major highlights of policy decisions that were facilitated or supported by FACES Pakistan. 

Drafting of Bill on Provincial level: Transgender Rights Bill Proposal and

This is how FACES has contributed to the research and development of the provincial policy in the regard to the transgender community rights propagation in the province of Punjab.

  • Baseline Survey for transgender data validation
  • Mass Level Awareness Raising, Stakeholders’ Networking, Capacity Building Trainings, and Information Dissemination on Transgender Safeguarding and Rights Protection.
  • Comprehensive Training Course and Training Manual Development on Transgender Rights and Safeguarding.
  • Development of Grass-root Level Transgender Specific Social Action Plans
  • Review Analysis of Transgender Laws and GAP Analysis of Pakistan Transgender (Protection of Rights) Act, 2018
  • Development of Policy Guidelines for Provincial Transgender Bill.
  • Hosted discussions, dialogues, and deliberations on the situation analysis of Transgender and Intersex Persons in Punjab in line with the drafting of the Provincial Level Transgender Bill.
  • Drafting of the Provincial Transgender Bill
  • Development of Transgender Specific Incident Reporting Mobile Application

Post-Flood Disaster Policy Consultation with Provincial Disaster Management Authority on Recovery and Mitigation Activities

FACES coordinated with The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) of Baluchistan to help facilitate the effective delivery of flood relief assistance so that they could reach the regions where their assistance was needed the most. The policy on the relief and rehabilitation of the Flood affected families was devised in order to ensure effective and timely delivery of flood relief to the victims of flood disasters.

FACES Contribution in Health Policy Post Disastrous Disease outbreaks in the province of Baluchistan

Sindh and Baluchistan are the worst affected provinces by flood waters as the waters here will not dry for another three to four months hampering rehabilitation work and the restoration of health facilities. FACES is working closely with the Baluchistan government to help facilitate and ameliorate the health emergency situation worsening an already ailing health system.