FACES Contribution in Health Policy Post Disastrous Disease outbreaks in the province of Baluchistan

Sindh and Baluchistan are the worst affected provinces by flood waters as the waters here will not dry for another three to four months hampering rehabilitation work and the restoration of health facilities. FACES is worked closely with the Baluchistan government to help facilitate and ameliorate the health-emergency worsening an already ailing health system.


To extend its services to the special persons and to help them become useful members of society, FACES Pakistan initiated Wheelchairs distribution. This initiative helped the disabled persons in their mobility and assisted them in moving independently and performing their tasks with greater comfort. This initiative also enabled the youth to continue their academic and social activities which were not possible otherwise due to their disability. Wheelchairs were distributed in Madni Masjid, Ghazi Abad as well as in St. Henry High School, Lahore. The purpose of distributing the wheelchairs in places of worship was to provide support to the elderly and crippled so that they can perform their religious rituals with comfort and ease. Wheelchairs were also distributed in Society for Special Persons, Multan, Youth Development Organization, Rajan Pur, and Rescue for Heaven Ministries, Lahore. Moreover, students of Lahore College for Women were also given the wheelchairs for their Social Action Project. So far, 198 wheelchairs have been distributed by FACES Pakistan.