Union Council Sokar, Tehsil Tunsa, District DG Khan and Nowshera, Pakistan

Faces Pakistan along with the execution partner Reads-Pakistan distributed high-quality seeds of wheat, Diammonium phosphate (DAP), and Nitrogenous fertilizer to 345 marginalized families of farmers for restoring their agricultural land for the rehabilitation of the flood-affected farmers of Sokar Union Council in the flood-affected areas of Taunsa Sharif and for the timely cultivation of wheat. The Assistant Director of Agriculture Tehsil Taunsa Sharif invited to distribute wheat seeds and fertilizer sacks among the farmers.

The different deserving farmers said that the organization is providing a lot of assistance for the rehabilitation of the flood-affected farmers in our area and has taken steps to save them from food crises for which they are commendable for helping the poor farmers in their need.

The FACES Pakistan team engaged government officials in deeper interaction with marginalized families to motivate and raise awareness to improve response and make better use of resources.