Transgender App Launch Update

Faces Pakistan is committed to contributing towards the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms of Transgender & Intersex persons in Pakistan by being proactive in its approach to managing incidents and reducing risks.

Incident Reporting is part of the data governance and risk management process for managing, reporting, analyzing, and learning from incidents that arise in the course of project execution at Districts Lahore & Faisalabad. The procedure will reflect the arrangements in place to facilitate the effective reporting of incidents.

The Incident Reporting Procedure aims to ensure:

• A standardized mechanism for reporting when things did or could have gone wrong with the Transgender and also to promote an open and fair learning culture.

• The necessary changes to support and promote safeguarding for Transgender & Intersex communities, concerned staff of all stakeholders (service providers and service users), and the public and to improve the quality of the services.

• The identification of trends and areas of risk.

• A wider acknowledgment by service providers and service users of a system-based approach in preventing, analyzing, and learning from incidents, which leads to improvements.

• Adherence to the Procedure will ensure compliance with all relevant external and internal requirements for reporting